Bamboo Floor Mat

bamboo floor mat

    bamboo floor
  • Bamboo floors are manufactured from the bamboo plant. The majority of today's bamboo flooring products originate in China and other portions of Asia. The species of bamboo used for flooring is commonly known as "Moso".

  • a thick flat pad used as a floor covering

  • Tangle (something, esp. hair) in a thick mass

  • Become tangled

  • flat: not reflecting light; not glossy; "flat wall paint"; "a photograph with a matte finish"

  • entangle: twist together or entwine into a confusing mass; "The child entangled the cord"

bamboo floor mat - Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat 1/4"x72" Extra Thick 14 Colors Non-Toxic PER Phthalate Free Clean PVC (TM) by Bean Products - Ocean Blue

Yoga Mat 1/4"x72" Extra Thick 14 Colors Non-Toxic PER Phthalate Free Clean PVC (TM) by Bean Products - Ocean Blue

Yoga Monster mat goes Eco! For those who want a more eco-friendly mat, our fantastic Yoga Monster mat is now environmentally friendly. We call it Clean PVC tm an eco friendly yoga mat made of PER (Polymer Environmental Resin), which is a unique material that is more sensitive to the environment and your health than yoga mats made of standard PVC foam. This mat does not contain toxic phthalates, dioxins and furans, phenal, or heavy metals and has a ecologically safer method of production which is better for the workers and the environment - and most importantly it performs great for all types of yoga with excellent traction and cushion!

SGS Tested and Certified.
Why should you be concerned about exposure to Phthalates? Because phthalates have been linked to a variety of health problems including endocrine disruption, obesity, diabetes and allergies. Studies from many continents indicate serious toxicity and health problems due to phthalate plastizers found in consumer products. Common plastics, such as pvc foam used in typical yoga mats can contain 10% to 60% phthalates. Phthalates migrate to the surface of the mat over time and use which increases phthalate concentration on the yoga mat surface. Our CleanPVC tm yoga mats are SGS certified tested to non-measurable levels and far exceed the strict European phthalate standards. Using our CleanPVC Yoga Monster mat you can forget about phthalates and heavy metals and simply relax and enjoy your yoga practice.

85% (19)

Solid Horizontal-Grain Bamboo Flooring, Amber

Solid Horizontal-Grain Bamboo Flooring, Amber

The amber color, often referred to as "carbonized", is the result of steaming the bamboo stalks before processing them into flooring.

Solid Vertical-Grain Bamboo Flooring, Natural

Solid Vertical-Grain Bamboo Flooring, Natural

Vertical-grain bamboo has a clean, linear look that some people prefer over the knuckles that figure in our regular product.

bamboo floor mat

bamboo floor mat

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